DROPS Loop (Inca) 20 mm (no. 532)

1 pc metal button from DROPS

Complete your project with this delightful metal button

1 loop/eyelet for fastening

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DROPS Loop (Inca) 20 mm (no. 532)

Inspired by the legendary golden creations of the Incas, the DROPS Inca Buttons give a lustrous beauty to your handmade clothing.

These buttons have an antique-style, handmade look to them with a rugged texture and slightly asymmetrical finish.

These DROPS buttons also have a charming sun motif that makes them mesmerizing to look at.

A perfect addition to both adult’s and children’s clothing, these buttons feature loops that make them easy to sew onto knitted, crochet, and stitched works.

These buttons measure 20 mm and are definitely statement-making when you add them to shirts, blouses, cardigans, and anything you like.

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