Canson Acrylic Paper pad 24 x 32 cm

Contains 10 sheets

Size: 24 x 32 cm

Thickness: 400 g/m2


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Canson Acrylic Paper pad 24 x 32 cm

Block from Canson with particularly strong and heavy acrylic paper, which is both robust and at the same time extremely absorbent.

The paper is therefore suitable both for techniques such as lava, which uses heavily diluted layers of paint, and impasto, which is the use of a particularly thick paste of paint.

The acid-free paper also ensures a long life for your upcoming works.

A heavy-duty paper that’s specifically designed for Acrylic paint and other wet media. The Canson Acrylic Paper Pad includes 10 pieces of thick, fine-grained 400 gsm paper that are extremely absorbent and quick-drying too. It can handle the thinnest consistencies of heavily diluted watercolour, thick layers of acrylic paint, and even impasto without fraying, bleeding, or tearing. With sizeable dimensions of 24 x 32 cm, this paper pad is great for all your grand portrait and landscape paintings and is also easy to carry anywhere, making it a wonderful choice for the travelling artist.

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