Lyra Groove Slim HB Pencil 1 pc.

The HB lead is hard to break and lasts long.

Triangular, ergonomic design.

Ideal for technical drawings and writing.

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Lyra Groove Slim HB Pencil 1 pc.

Lyra Groove Graphite: the design that leaves a mark. This ergonomic graphite pencil with a triangular shape is easy to hold and naturally prevents your fingers from slipping. There is also space to write your name. The HB lead is ideal for both writing and drawing. It is hard to break and very durable. The pencil can easily be sharpened with a standard pencil sharpener.

Graphite pencils - Technical drawing and writing. This pencil is perfect for precise technical work where accuracy is crucial, as well as for daily writing tasks. Ideal for architects, engineers, and artists who need a reliable pencil for sketches and detailed drawings. The triangular shape also makes it suitable for children learning to write, as it promotes a correct grip technique.


  • Ergonomic design: The triangular shape ensures a comfortable grip.
  • Durability: The HB lead is hard to break and lasts long.
  • Personalization: Space to write your name on the pencil.

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