Scheepjes Umbrella Wool Winder Beech Wood

Made of luxurious, natural Beechwood

Folds down for easy storage

It saves time and effort

£ 43.70
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Scheepjes Umbrella Wool Winder

The Scheepjes Wool Winder Umbrella is a must-have tool in any knitter or crocheter’s collection.

Yarns are usually wound in skeins for easy packing and shipping, but this isn’t the most convenient for knitting. They just get tangled when you use them and end up wasting time or worse, ruining your yarns too. The Wool Winder Umbrella from Scheepjes lets you wind your yarn into a perfect ball quickly to create a tightly wound ball that will never unravel or get tangled while you knit.

The span can be adjusted under the blades of the yarn, so you can adjust it to exactly the size you need.

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