HobbyArts Fabric Yarn

Content: Cotton and a little bit of elastane - 100% recycled t-shirt yarn

Weight/length: 650-900 g = 90-140 m

Recommended needle size: 8-12 mm

Hand wash 30 °C / Dry flat

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£ 7.57
You save: £ 2.27

HobbyArts Fabric Yarn

Fabric yarn from HobbyArts is made from the excess in the fabric industry and you can get it in a selection of pretty nuances.

Use the fabric yarn for interior projects, like blankets, baskets and pillows.

The nuances and the weight might vary a little, but we will always try to send the most similar colours as possible.

Each ball is unique and the picture shows some of the different nuances/colours that the ball can have.

That means that the cke ball can have another colour/nuance than the one in the image.

If you have a wish for the colour, then please write a comment when you make the order.

Each ball is about 850 gram in weight and is always delivered as a single ball even though there might be more than one ball in the image.

The fabric yarn is made of recycled excess fabric, which means that it is not dyed like other yarn and each  ball is unique.

In addition, the thickness is not the same throughout but might vary compared to other yarns.

If you order several balls in the same colour, we will always send the ones that are the most similar to each other.

That means that they might have different nuances even if you order the same colour.

Please write a comment to the order if you have a specific wish for a nuance.



A very good alternative to more expensive brands and every bit as good. Highly recommended.

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