Faber-Castell Mandalas Mermaids

Faber-Castell Mandalas Mermaids

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Faber-Castell Mandalas Mermaids

Swim with beautiful mermaids and explore all the magical treasures waiting to be discovered under the vast blue seas with Faber-Castell Mandalas Mermaids.

Designed to help children get into calming activities like colouring early on in life, the Faber-Castell Mandalas Mermaids Colouring Book is an excellent gift for any kiddo.

The mesmerizing yet simple Mermaid-inspired mandalas will not only fascinate the little ones but are also extremely easy to colour in.

So they’ll enjoy a relaxing activity that helps build focus and strengthen imagination with this colouring book.

Illustrated on 32 pages of card paper that can be removed, every single mandala art that your child colours can be framed or gifted as a postcard.

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