Giotto Make up Pencils Glamor, 6 pcs

6 make up pencils from Giotto

The pencils have an extra core of 6.25 mm

£ 16.32
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Giotto Make up Pencils Glamor

Giotto's Make-Up pencils are a must to have in your makeup bag. These are easy to use and great for any kind of creative face painting project. Unlike other pencils that wear off quickly, Giotto's soft tip will last you the day without smudging! The generous 36 colours allow you to create an infinite amount of different effects, freshening boring days or adding fun colours when you want something new. These colourful makeup pencils will have you feeling refreshed and pretty for any occasion! Blend vibrant colours to create a masterpiece or accent your natural beauty with a playful touch of colour. These easy-to-use pencils are perfect for professionals, students, and kids looking for a fun way to express their makeup creativity. These makeup pencils are also great for creating special makeups for plays and costumes.

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