LindeHobby Sock Blockers

A pair of blockers for blocking socks.

Available in four sizes:

  • S. 6
  • S/M. 8
  • M. 9
  • L. 11-12
Price from
£ 11.95

LindeHobby Sock Blockers

Three things are indispensable when you knit a pair of lovely socks: yarn, needles, and these fantastic new sock blockers from LindeHobby. With this clever tool, your socks will have the most beautiful shape once you have finished knitting them - no one will be able to tell that it's homemade when these sock blockers are put to use.

The sock blockers are available in four sizes - S. 6, S/M. 8, M. 9, and L. 11-12.

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