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Pony Knitting Thimble

Knitting can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a little tricky. That's why Pony has created the Knitting Thimble - to help you speed up your crafting and make things a little less tangled. This thimble features several sections for different colours, so you can be as adventurous with your patterns as you'd like! With a sturdy, metal arm to keep your strands in place, this knitting tool is just what you need to get creative with your knits.

The Pony Knitting Thimble is the perfect tool for anyone who loves to knit multi-coloured garments! This thimble helps to keep your yarn strands separate, which makes it easier to manage your tension and prevents your stitches from getting tangled. Made of sturdy plastic, this thimble fits all sizes and is a must-have for any Fair Isle knitter.

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