Lang Yarns Yak

Content: 70% Extrafine merino wool, 30% Yak

Weight/Length: 50 g = approx. 120 meters

Recommended Needles: 4.5-5 mm

Knitting Gauge: 10x10 cm = 18 sts x 26 rows

Wash: Hand wash / Do not tumble dry

£ 14.95

Lang Yarns Yak

Experience the luxurious softness and insulating warmth of Lang Yarns Yak, made from an exclusive blend of 70% pure new merino wool and 30% yak wool. Yak wool originates from the yak, a bovid living at high altitudes in the Himalayas, where temperatures can be extremely low. Yak wool is highly valued for its incredible softness, lightweight, and thermal properties, making it a premium material in the knitting world.



Lang Yarns Yak is perfect for creating everything from everyday to luxurious winter garments, including hats, mittens, scarves, sweaters, and blouses. Its unique qualities make it an ideal choice for projects that require both comfort and elegance.


Product Benefits:

  • Extraordinary Softness: Yak wool is known for its fine fibers, which are softer than regular wool and very comfortable against the skin.
  • Superior Warmth: The yak's natural habitat in the cold Himalayas has made yak wool one of the best natural insulators.
  • Durability and Lightweight: Despite its lightness, yak wool is extremely durable and robust, ensuring a long life for your knitting projects.


Recommended Needles and Knitting Gauge:

To achieve the best results with Lang Yarns Yak, it is recommended to follow the specific guidelines for knitting gauge that match this yarn.


Care Instructions:

We recommend hand washing and flat drying to preserve the yarn's quality and softness.


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15-19 stitches


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