ONION No.4 Organic

Content: 70% organic wool, 30% nettle fibres

Weight/length: 50 g = approx.130 m

Recommended needle size: 4 mm

Knitting tension: 10 x 10 cm = 21 sts x 28 rows

Care: Hand wash 20 ºC

Produced in Europe in an Italian quality spinning mill, which ensures satisfactory working conditions.

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ONION No.4 Organic

100% Natural fibre yarn - Luxury yarn of the organic kind.

NEW exciting yarn quality of the organic kind in a mixture where the wool is 100% organic.

The nettle is on the other hand not organic, since it is a very hard fibre in nature.

The nettle gives the yarn a beautiful nacre shimmer and at the same time the yarn gets colour transitions since te nettle does not pick up any dye.

The nettle also makes the yarn more durable.

A light and lovely yarn with very beautiful stitches when knitted.

NOTE - The yarn is perfect for socks - if you want organic sock knitting, this yarn is the perfect match due to the wear resistance of the nettle fibres.

Nettle fibres have been used for clothing for centuries.

In the past, the nettle fibres were called the poor man's silk because they have some of the same properties that silk has, but for a lower price.



I am in love with this yarn. The feel is lovely in the hand. And the drape of finished garment is stunning. I just finished a scarf and it’s so nice to the touch. Softer than you would think.


This is a wonderful yarn for baby knitting projects, soft and beautifully smooth. I used it double stranded to make a lovely cardigan (Baby Sophisticate by Linden Down) and the end result was excellent. An added bonus is that it's composed of 100% natural fibres with no acrylic in the mix! It can be washed at cool temperatures (30 degrees) to good affect. I also enjoyed knitting socks using the onion sock yarns! Great range of colours too!

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