1645 Sophia Sweater

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Shirt with ribbing edges in the neck knitted in Mayflower Easy Care.  Size S-XXXL


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Mayflower Easy CARE 062
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1645 Sophia Sweater

This sweater can, with its simple design, fit into any wardrobe. It is designed with raglan sleeves, which makes it an easy knitting project with minimal assembly.

The raglan sleeves on this sweater are extra remarkable, because they are designed with a beautiful rib waist, which starts at the shoulder and extends all the way down the sides of the sweater. These rib details are complimented by the rib edges along the neckline, bottom and armhole of the blouse. The rib edge in the neck opening is also finished with a small fold.

We have made two different versions of the sweater. The pink sweater is knitted in Mayflower Easy Care, while the gray is knitted in Mayflower Easy Care Tweed. The yarn qualities have the same running length and knitting strength, so you just have to decide if you want a solid color or tweed version of the sweater.

Both yarn qualities will give you a wonderful result. They are both soft and comfortable to wear as they have a lovely natural breathability. Both Mayflower Easy Care and Easy Care Tweed can also be machine washed, so it is also nice and easy to maintain your sweater in everyday life.


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