1801 Vest in Mayflower Super Kid Silk

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Vest in Mayflower Super Kid Silk Mayflower Super Kid Silk. Size S-XXXL


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1801 Vest in Mayflower Super Kid Silk

Knitwear should have both a good fit and great comfort. Both have succeeded with this delicious vest, which is absolutely perfect for the cool days of the year. At the same time, it is also easy to style, because the simple design of the vest means that it can be used for most sets of clothes.

The vest is knitted in three threads Mayflower Super Kid Silk, which has a running length of 195 meters per. 25 grams. Super Kid Silk consists of 76% mohair and 24% silk, which together provide a yarn quality that is both warming and extremely airy.

Super Kid Silk is exclusive yarn that is a pleasure to knit with. The yarn quality helps to make this vest perfect. Mohair and silk are both superbly soft fibers, which at the same time retain a great lightness, which makes the vest so wonderful to wear.

In our design, the vest is knitted in one thread cerise, one thread pink and one thread light purple. It gives the vest a nice mottled look when knitting with different colors of thread. The greater the color difference between the threads, the clearer the mottled effect will be.

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