1805 Sweater with vertical eyelet rows

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Sweater with vertical eyelet rows in Mayflower Easy Care.  Size XXS-XXXL


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Mayflower Easy CARE 062
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1805 Sweater with vertical eyelet rows

A classic sweater with a v-neck is always nice, and it gets even nicer with a hole pattern. This sweater is designed with beautiful vertical rows of holes. The rows of holes add structure pattern to the blouse and at the same time create some beautiful vertical stripes.

The sweater is knitted in Mayflower Easy Care, which consists of 100% merino wool and has a running length of 185 meters per. 50 grams. It is the thinnest yarn quality in the Easy Care series, and absolutely perfect for this sweater. The relatively thin yarn helps to give the sweater its light look, which is highlighted by the rows of holes.

We have chosen to design this sweater with an extra wide ribbed edge at the bottom of the sleeves and the bulge of the sweater. The ribbed edge gives the sweater a modern twist, and an even better fit. The fit can also be further adjusted, as the sweater can be knitted in anything from XXS to XXXL.

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