1807 Floating sweater with fisherman’s rib stripes

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Floating sweater with fisherman’s rib stripes in Mayflower Super Kid Silk.  Size XXS-XXXL


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1807 Floating sweater with fisherman’s rib stripes

This loose sweater is both light and elegant with its beautiful patent stripes. Patents are already a great knitting technique, but here new possibilities with patent knitting in the form of horizontal stripes are shown. The stripes are created by alternately knitting 16 rounds of patent knitting and 4 rounds of rib, and the result is insanely beautiful.

The sweater is knitted in Mayflower Super Kid Silk, which consists of 76% mohair and 24% silk with a running length of 195 meters per. 25 grams. In this pattern, knit with two strands of Super Kid Silk to give extra fullness.

Super Kid Silk is characterized by being light and soft, which are important properties to ensure the sweaty airiness of this sweater. This airiness is further highlighted by the width of the sweaters and wide armholes, which also make the sweater extra comfortable.

Although the sweater is light and airy, do not be fooled. The sweater is also nice and warm and can easily be used on cool days. Mohair yarn is generally characterized by being nicely warming and at the same time breathable.

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