1808 Sweater with various cables

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Putty colored sweater with various cables in Mayflower Cotton Merino Classic. Size S-XXXL


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Mayflower Cotton Merino Classic 102 Sand (UNI COLOUR)
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1808 Sweater with various cables

Twists are a beautiful way to add detail to a sweater. On this sweater, the twists are made a central part of the blouse's designs, because they are used both as a collar and as an alternative to rib knit at the bottom of the sweater. In addition, the twists are also used in the sweater's raglan sleeves.

The consistent twist details create a coherent and complete design. At the same time, the style is also kept simple, as it is the same type of easy twists that are used on the entire sweater.

The sweater is knitted in Mayflower Cotton Merino Classic, which consists of 50% wool and 50% cotton with a running length of 100 meters per. 50 grams. Cotton Merino Classic is a medium-thick yarn that provides a strong sweater. However, the combination of wool and cotton makes the sweater more temperate, so it is not nearly as warm as a sweater in pure wool.

You are free to download the recipe at the link below. The recipe is the perfect choice if you want to experiment with simple twist patterns Have fun!

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