1813 - Sweater with big round neck

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Sweater with big round neck knitted in Mayflower Super Kid Silk. Size XXS-XXXL


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1813 - Sweater with big round neck

Rib knit with one stitch straight and one stitch purl is usually used at the edges of knitted blouses. However, this blouse is different, because here the whole blouse is knitted in the most beautiful rib. Rib knitting is a simple knitting technique, but visually it gives a completely different look than the more traditional stockinette stitch.

The blouse is knitted in two threads Mayflower Super Kid Silk, which has a running length of 195 meters per. 25 grams and consists of 76% mohair and 24% silk. Super Kid Silk is generally characterized by being light and airy, and this effect is maintained even when knitting with two threads.

Super Kid Silk makes this blouse extra wearable. In part, the yarn has a beautiful fluffy sheen, and in addition, Super Kid Silk also gives the blouse a nice and natural fall. The primary detail of the blouse, however, is the large, round collar, which gave the blouse a unique twist.

The recipe can be downloaded for free by clicking on the link above. This is a relatively beginner-friendly recipe, as the blouse is quite simple.