1814 Clinging ladies vest with turtleneck

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Clinging ladies vest with turtleneck in Mayflower New Sky Light.  Size XXS-XXXL


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Mayflower New Sky Light 164 Mocha
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1814 Clinging ladies vest with turtleneck

This beautiful vest has a fantastic cut, which beautifully highlights the figure. The effect is achieved thanks to the yarn, which has fine elasticity and shapes itself to the body. Therefore, you also get better comfort, because the vest still has plenty of freedom of movement, even if it is close to the body.

The elasticity of the yarn makes it easier to get a good fit. The fit can be further adjusted by choosing the optimal size for the vest. In the recipe you will find everything from size S to XXXL, so there are great chances to also find the right size for you.

The vest is knitted in Mayflower New Sky Light, which has a running length of 300 meters per. 50 grams and consists of 35% alpaca, 35% wool and 30% nylon. Alpaca and wool ensure that the vest stays nice and warm, while nylon makes it more durable.

In the picture, the vest is knitted in mocha-colored New Sky Light, but the yarn quality is also available in a wide selection of other evocative colors. The pattern is recommended for slightly experienced knitters who have mastered the basic knitting techniques and who have experience in reading knitting patterns. Enjoy!

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