1816 Sweater with gathered top sleeve shaping

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Sweater with gathered top sleeve shaping in Mayflower New Sky Light.  Size S-XXXL


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1816 Sweater with gathered top sleeve shaping

Feminine, imaginative and stunning are the three words that best describe this great looking sweater. With its stylish design and beautiful color, the sweater has a very romantic look.

The sleeves are the most remarkable detail of the sweater. The shoulders of the sweater are designed with beautiful sleeve domes with wrinkles, which are complimented by spacious sleeves. At the bottom of the sleeves, a wide ribbed edge of 15 centimeters has been made, which shapes the sleeves and highlights their extra width. At the same time, contrast is also created to the rib edge in the neck opening and at the bottom of the sweater, as both of these rib edges are narrow and discreet.

The sweater is knitted in Mayflower New Sky Light, which has a running length of 300 meters per. 50 grams and consists of 35% alpaca, 35% wool and 30% nylon. The alpaca wool gave the yarn a fluffy sheen, which gives the sweater an exclusive and modern look.

This pattern is recommended primarily for experienced knitters.

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