Prym Loom Mini Square, 18x18 cm

For creating patterned squares made of wool and yarn

Maximum creativity freedom through wrapping and knotting

For squares up to 14 cm x 14 cm

Includes 40 wooden pegs, wool needles, and instructions

£ 13.99
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Prym Loom Mini Square, 18x18 cm

The loom MINI's small format shows that wool can not only be used for knitting or crocheting.

With its 40 freely-attachable wooden pegs and 64 peg holes, Prym's loom board MINI offers the most creation options in just three steps.

The result of wrapping, clever knotting, and stitching down the wool quickly and easily leads to personally-designed squares with a maximum edge length of 14 cm, which can subsequently be attached to pieces of clothings, bedsheets, or pillow cases.

Due to its handy 18 cm x 18 cm size, this version is the "loom to go".

Ultra-creative and personalised creation with yarns and wool will become child's play with this patented invention.

The loom MINI contains a plastic wool needle to easily sew yarn ends along with an instruction manual.



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