Scissors Gold 11 x 5 cm

Contents: Scissors

Size: 11 x 5 cm

Colour: Gold

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Scissors Gold 11 x 5 cm

The HobbyArts Round Scissors is a solid, professional-quality pair of scissors for those who know the value and importance of precise cutting. If your life revolves around crafting as it does for us then you definitely need these as they're absolutely perfect to clean up fabric scraps or take out any frayed edges during embroidery projects. 

They're the perfect size to mould any design you want and provide a smooth finish with minimal effort. The polished gold finish with intricate patterns adds that special touch every crafter is looking for, upgrading your projects to professional quality in seconds.  Stylish, durable, and versatile; this delightful pair of scissors is just what you need to enhance your projects.

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