LindeHobby Stitch Markers, 100 pcs

Contents: 100 stitch markers in assorted colors in plastic box

Material: Plastic

Brief Description: Lockable plastic stitch markers in 10 different colors. Perfect for marking rounds, increases, and other important points in your knitting. Comes in a practical plastic box for easy storage.

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LindeHobby Stitch Markers 100 pcs

LindeHobby Stitch Markers are the perfect tool for any knitting or crochet enthusiast. With these colorful, lockable stitch markers, you can easily keep track of your rounds, increases, and other important points in your handwork. They come in a practical plastic box, so you can easily store them and keep them organized.
Use these stitch markers to make your knitting project more manageable and organized. They are ideal for marking the end of a row or indicating where to make increases or decreases in your pattern. Their easy and convenient locking system ensures they stay in place without damaging your yarn.

Product Benefits

  • Beautiful Colors: Assorted colors in 10 different shades
  • Easy to Use: Lockable for secure marking
  • Practical Storage: Storage box included

Usage Tips

Use different colors to mark different points in your pattern, such as the start of a row and increases. Mark the beginning of a round when knitting in the round, or use them to keep track of repeating sequences.

Why Choose LindeHobby Stitch Markers?
These stitch markers are an indispensable tool for anyone who loves to knit or crochet. They help you keep track of your work so you can focus on the creative and fun aspects of your handwork. With their colorful design and practical storage box, they are also a joy to use.

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