HobbyArts Knitting Accessories Kit in Metal Box, 22 parts

This knitting accessory kit includes twist pins, mask holders and a metal box with a tape measure, pin counters and mask markers both open and with locks.

Neatly packed in a charming little metal box, there’s just so much to love about this kit.

Compact and travel-friendly kit

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HobbyArts Knitting Accessories Kit in Metal Box

Knitting perfectly even when you’re on the go with this handy accessories kit.

With all the little accessories and essentials that you need while knitting including knit markers and row counters, this kit makes a wonderful addition to your knitting bag or travel knitting kit for hassle-free knitting anywhere. This comprehensive kit isn’t just a lifesaver while on the go, but also makes a wonderful gift for any avid knitter or beginner in your life.

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