KnitPro Yarn Cutter

  • The perfect tool for cutting your yarn

  • The size makes it convenient to store and take on the go

  • A safer tool than scissors to avoid injury

  • Beautiful design in beautiful bronze colour

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KnitPro Yarn Cutter

There’s nothing more dangerous than a pair of scissors in your knitting collection or travel bag. Not only do they pose the risk of accidentally hurting yourself, but their design makes them extra susceptible to snipping or damaging your projects.

That’s why you need the KnitPro Yarn Cutter, this innovative, nifty tool lets you cleanly cut off the ends of your yarn without any risk of hurting yourself or ruining your projects, Featuring a ring attachment, you can easily attach it to your knitting accessory bag or even wear it as a necklace for easy use. This yarn cutter is also decorated with a sparkling crystal to make a beautiful addition to your collection.

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