DROPS Pro Classic 40 cm (2.00-9.00 mm)

DROPS circular knitting needles in brass.

The circular needles measure 40 cm.

Available in the sizes 2.00-9.00 mm.

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DROPS Pro Classic 40 cm

One of the common smaller-sized circular needles, the DROPS Pro Classic 40 cm is the perfect starting point for when you’re working with circular needles.

Ideal for circular knitting projects that are much too large for double-pointed needles, this 40cm circular needle is great for knitting small articles like hats, sleeves and collars for adults and sweaters, socks, and other accessories for babies.

The needle tips are made of brass and have a smooth, polished finish to them, making them excellent for quick, snag-free knitting.

The flexible fixed cable also features a virtually seamless joint, so you can be sure that your stitches won’t get caught or ruin your finished fabric.

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