Faber-Castell Pencil Sharpener Grip Trio 2001 Silver

Silver trio pencil sharpener with container.

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Faber-Castell Pencil Sharpener Grip Trio 2001 Silver

The Faber-Castell Pencil Sharpener Grip Trio is the only sharpener you’ll need for sharpening any kind of pencil!

This handy multipurpose sharpener is built-in with 3 sharpeners: 1 for regular pencils, 1 for jumbo pencils, and 1 for coloured pencils.

Now you’ll never have to carry three different sharpeners or struggle if you accidentally leave one behind.

Featuring a closed design, this Faber-Castell Pencil Sharpener has built-in containers to hold the pencil shavings too, so it’s absolutely mess-free.

The sleek, silver body also comes with soft grips which make this sharpener comfortable to hold for effortless sharpening.

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