Freshwater Pearls On String 5-6 mm, Mix Colours

Nice real Freshwater Pearls in a variety of colours.

Contains: 40 cm 

Size: 5-6 mm

Hole Size: 0,5 mm

£ 10.60
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Freshwater Pearls On a String, Mix Colours

Nice Freshwater Pearls that you can use as a necklace or take off the string and use for other projects.

With 2 sizes to choose from, these delicate small pearls are an enduring style statement that you can wear and pair well with all your special and casual outfits. Wear it as an elegant necklace as is or remove it from the pearls from the string to use it in your own jewellery designs. Since they already come with holes on both ends, you can easily sew them into your handmade clothes, accessories, and other decorations.

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