Glass Tube Beads 1,7 mm

Tube beads in size 15/0.

The beads have a diameter of 1.7 mm and a hole size of 0.5 mm.

The package contains 25 g.

Choose from 10 beautiful colours.

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£ 2.56
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Glass tube beads 1,7 mm

Coloured glass tube beads

String the beads onto elastic cord, beading wire or thick beading thread, for example. Note that the thickness of the beading needle, as well as the cord or thread, needs to match the hole size of the bead.

These small, tube-shaped glass beads (also called 'seed beads' and 'cut beads") are incredibly decorative.

Each of the straight-ended glass tubes has a hexagonal outside shape that gives a reflective surface when the beads are strung on a cord or wire.

Combine the tube-shaped beads with glass beads in other sizes and shapes or use them on their own for super-simple yet elegant jewellery pieces

The glass beads can also be sewn on clothes or the like.

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