Go Handmade Bag Strap 65 cm

1 bag strap in PU-leather

Length: 65 cm.

Available in 4 colours:

  • Black / bronze
  • Black / silver
  • Brown / bronze
  • Beige / silver
£ 7.70
£ 11.00
You save: £ 3.30
Offer expires 26/05/2024

Go Handmade Bag Strap 65 cm

Complete your handbag or leather bag with a delightful strap. Made using vegan PU leather, this strap adds a touch of colour and personality to those leather handbags, allowing you to carry them around or hang them comfortably. The realistic leather finish offers these straps a touch of luxury and sophistication that work well with all types of bags. Functional and sturdy, these straps are great for everyday carrying. The strap also features a buttoned closure, allowing you to store your straps. Stitchable directly to leather, fabric or other material, this strap from GO Handmade will be a favourite among friends and customers.

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