Go Handmade Metal Zipper Blue 20 cm

Material: Metal

Fabric color: Blue

Length: 20 cm

The lock is available in several colours

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Go Handmade Zipper Metal Blue 20 cm

Whether you’re a sewing professional or just love taking up sewing projects at home, the Go Handmade Metal Zipper is perfect for all of your projects.

Designed, cut, and sewn by hand, our zippers are sturdy and can handle stress caused by fabric stretching, making them a durable choice.

Crafted with durable fabric and metal, this all-purpose zipper adds a finishing touch to your dresses, skirts, bags, cushion covers, etc.

Each zipper measures about 20 cm long and features a smooth, low-profile slider for added versatility.

Available in multiple metallic shades, you’ll find the right one to match your stunning creations.

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