KnitPro Signature Wool Winder, Birch Print

Can be mounted on a table edge.

Height: 71 cm

Circumference: 152 cm

Diameter: 48 cm

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KnitPro Signature Wool Winder, Birch Print

Wind your yarn skeins and hanks into perfect yarn balls with the KnitPro Signature Wool Winder

When used in conjunction with a ball winder, this handy tool helps you quickly and efficiently turn your store-bought yarn into an easy to use yarn ball. The unique design ensures that the yarn stays in place and never slips off midway causing unnecessary tangles and messes, while the smooth, non-snagging natural Birchwood ensures that your precious yarn doesn’t get damaged or pulled in the process. The Wool Winder can be mounted on a table edge of up to 4 cm thick and is super easy to use for beginners and pro knitters and crocheters alike. 

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