Maxi glue gun, high temperature

1 pcs maxilimpistol to 170 ° C.

With the glue gun, two glue sticks follow.

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Maxi glue gun for high temperature

For projects that require a tougher bond, this high-temperature maxi glue gun makes the ideal choice

It heats up the glue sticks to up to 170°C to create a strong adhesive seal that’s great for holding non-porous materials like metal, plastics, ceramics, magnets, and even wood together. The durable, sturdy hold will not come off even after many years. Since the glue heats up to such high temperatures, this maxi glue gun is not suited for delicate materials that may melt like lace, ribbon, foam, or foil. This maxi glue gun also comes with 2 glue sticks and an instruction manual so you can start using it right away.


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