Pearl Clay, 3 x 25 g, 38 g

Contains 3 x 25 grams of beads and 38 grams of modeling material

Available in several colour combinations

£ 6.43
£ 7.57
You save: £ 1.14

Pearl Clay

Give your handmade creations a lovely pearl-studded finish with the Pearl Clay.

This unique and extremely fun clay includes 3 containers of gorgeous, colourful plastic beads and a container of air drying clear clay. Mix them up to create a smooth, flexible clay that you can use to decorate your clay dolls, photo frames, Christmas ornaments and so much more. It’s easy to mould and create shapes with and dries completely solid without needing an oven. With so many colour combinations to choose from, you’ll find the perfect colour for your next project. Play around with one colour or blend them all together to create something unique.

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