DROPS Alpaca Bouclé

Pure Alpaca fibers for softness and warmth.

This lovely effect yarn is made from 2 strands of superfine alpaca, with a core of wool and polyamide for added strength. The natural fibers are untreated, which means they are only washed and not exposed to any chemical treatment prior to dyeing. This highlights the fiber’s natural properties, while also providing a better shape and texture quality.

The bouclé looped construction adds texture and visual interest to your projects. Whether you're knitting a sweater, scarf, or hat, DROPS Alpaca Bouclé is the perfect choice for your next project!

Discover knitting patterns that use DROPS Alpaca Bouclé

Want a soft cushion cover to cozy up under the blankets on a lazy afternoon? How about a creamy spring jacket to layer over your pastel-colored fall dresses? Or maybe you want a large winter overcoat to beat the cold. Whatever your heart desires, knit them with our collection of Patterns with Drops Alpaca Bouclé.

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