DROPS Soft Tweed

For those warm and toasty winter projects.

Looking for a super soft, tweedy yarn with a bit of extra oomph? Then check out DROPS Soft Tweed! This yarn is made from a delectable blend of merino wool, superfine alpaca, and viscose, resulting in a truly sumptuous fabric. But that's not all – DROPS Soft Tweed also features small felted “tweed buttons” that add pops of colour and definition.

Discover knitting patterns that use DROPS Soft Tweed

With its rustic elegance, DROPS Soft Tweed is perfect for creating beautiful textured patterns. The yarn is easy to knit and results in even stitches, making it a great choice for sweaters, jackets, and more. Because it's lighter and breathes better than similar, combed yarns, DROPS Soft Tweed is especially suited for hand knitting. This pattern collection includes rustic knitted vests with pretty embroidered flowers for that autumn look.

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