99761 Moss Stitch basket - Round

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Basket crocheted in Go Handmade Cosy. The basket can be crocheted in 3 different sizes, read the measurements below.


The kit only includes yarn. The rest is bought separately.

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99761 Moss Stitch basket - Round

Model: Moss Stitch Basket

The pattern describes how to:

  1. Crochet the baskets with a crocheted base.
  2. Crochet the baskets using Go handmade's solid bottoms (PU leather bottoms).
  3. Crochet the baskets higher or lower.

Includes instructions for lining.

Diameter measured at the base.

Size: D 20 cm x H 8 cm/Cosy yarn 150 g. (SMALL) Size: D 24 cm x H 9 cm/Cosy yarn 175 g. (MEDIUM) Size: D 26 cm x H 10 cm/Cosy yarn 250 g. (LARGE) Two threads: 8 dc and 7 sc/10 cm Crochet hook: 4.0 - 4.5 mm.

Good to know

Go handmade's collection is developed by the masters themselves

- passionate crocheters who love their handwork.

Hook, size, and gauge

All the baskets are crocheted with what we consider to be loose to normal gauge. The gauge that we think suits the baskets best. Crocheters have different styles: some crochet with a 2.0 mm hook and achieve the same result as someone crocheting with a 4.0 mm hook. This is what we have learned from our own team, who have been involved in crocheting the bags. The key to crocheting a specific size depends more on crochet style than on the size of the hook. Therefore, we always recommend a range of hook sizes: 4.0 - 4.5 mm.

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