99768 Dotty Stitch

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Crochet bag in Go Handmade Cosy. The bag can be crocheted in two sizes: Small (Large)


The kit only includes yarn. The rest is bought separately.

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Go Handmade Cosy
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99768 Dotty Stitch

Model: Dotty Stitch.
Size: 23 x 7 x H13.5 cm/Cosy yarn* 125 g. (Small)
Size: 26 x 7 x H15.5 cm/Cosy yarn* 175 g (Large)
*Double thread: 15 dc/10 cm
Crochet hook: 3.5 - 4.5 mm.

Go handmade's large accessory collection is created for all those who love to be creative and create their own bags.
The work of making every single small part is large and time-consuming, from the most skilled seamstresses to the strong hands that have ensured that the metal parts are top notch.

Good to know
Go handmade's collection has been developed by the masters themselves - passionate crocheters who love their handiwork.

Needle, size and firmness
The Dotty Stitch bag is crocheted in what we consider loose to regular crochet. The crochet strength that we think suits the bag best.
Crocheters crochet very differently: some crochet with a 2.0 needle and create the same result as someone who crochets with a 4.0 needle. We have learned this from our own team, who have helped to crochet the bags.
The key to crocheting a certain size is more about the crochet style than the size of the needle.
Therefore, we always recommend a range of needle sizes: 4.5 mm for loose crochet and 5.0 mm for regular crochet.