Go Handmade Row counter chain, Antique, 10 rings

Row counter chain in metal with 10 rings.

The row counter chain is studded with pendants in different colours.

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Go Handmade Row counter chain, Antique, 10 rings

This lovely row counter chain from Go Handmade is perfect for you, if you need to keep track of your rows, but forget to write it down every time you've completed a full row. With this row counter chain, you are forced to take nite every time your row changes, as the row counter chain sits on the needle as a stitch marker at the start of each round.

The idea of the row counter chain is simple - every time you come across the marker, you move it to your other needle and move it up one ring. This way you can keep track of whether another round has been knitted.

The row counter chain consists of 10 rings and is both practical and elegant, so it will please you in several ways when you are knitting.

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