Go Handmade Silicone Beads 18 mm (mix)

  • Made with food-grade silicone 
  • Size: 18 mm
  • Quantity: 4
£ 2.71
£ 3.38
You save: £ 0.67

Go Handmade Silicone Beads

The Go Handmade Silicone Beads serve as a wonderfully versatile accessory that you can use for various handicrafts, decorations, and toys.

The soft, flexible silicone beads offer a delightful sensory experience for distressed teething babies as they chew on them. The elegant colours don’t just stimulate little ones’ minds but also add an aesthetic touch that even adults will appreciate. Make pacifier clips, toys, or stroller garlands for all the babies in your life, and your handmade gift is sure to bring joy to them and the whole family.

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