Hama Midi 4413 Pegboards & beads, 4 pcs

Pack of 4 pcs. 3000 assorted beads.

Contains boards 220-03, 222-05, 223TR and 311-09.

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Hama Midi 4413 Pegboards & beads

Ever tried Hama Bead Art before? Whether you answered yes or no to that, the Hama Midi 4413 Pegboards & beads set makes an excellent set for you! This all-in-one Hama Pegboard and Bead set includes 4 fun pegboards and 3000 pieces of melt beads so you have everything you need. Get started on one of the simplest, yet endlessly fun arts and crafts projects that the whole family can enjoy. Just grab the pegboard that you like and arrange the Hama beads in any pattern that you want, iron it to seal the design, and that’s it!

Includes pegboards 220-03, 222-05, 223TR and 311-09, which are a small square, a small circle, a small hexagon and a car, respectively.

Here's how you do it:

1. Place beads on the plate.

2. Place ironing paper on the beads and melt the beads with an iron.

3. Pull the stitched beads off the reusable staple plate.


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