Hama Midi House Pegboard 306

1 pegboard with 784 pegs.

The board 306 is shaped like a house.

The pegboard measures approx. 14.5x17 cm.

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Hama Midi House Pegboard 306

Colourful, inviting and whimsical—create the most beautiful house on the block with the Hama Midi House Pegboard.

The tall facade with its roof and chimneys allow kids to experiment with how they want their midi house to look. Use brown and beige Hama beads with green ones to create a fairy-tale cottage or throw in some bright purples, oranges, reds and yellows for a rainbow of colours. The house shape removes the need to pick a new shape or create one from scratch while adding a bit of creative challenge every if you’re trying to create Hama bead houses that look different from each other.


Here's how you do it:

1. Place beads on the plate.

2. Place ironing paper on the beads and melt the beads with an iron.

3. Pull the stitched beads off the reusable staple plate.


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