Hama Midi Pony Pegboard 321

1 pegboard with 149 pins.

The board 321 is shaped like a pony.

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Hama Midi Pony Pegboard 321

Make the cutest pony to play with. The Hama Midi Pony Pegboard 321 is shaped just like a pony and gives you a perfect, medium-sized pixel art pony pattern that’s both easy to create and easy to design any way you want. Perfect for kids over 6 years old, this pegboard will stir your child’s creativity and let them create both 2D and 3D pixelated toys and art that they’ll proudly show off. Use brown, yellow, or black colours to create traditional ponies or use any colours you like to create magical rainbow ponies, the possibilities are endless. Made to be used with Hama melting beads, this pegboard features 149 pegs and is extremely simple, fun, and safe to use too.

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Here's how you do it:

1. Place beads on the board.

2. Place ironing paper on the beads and melt the beads with an iron.

3. Pull the stitched beads off the reusable pegboard.

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