Hama Midi Truck Pegboard 314

1 pegboard with 587 pins.

The board 314 is shaped like a truck.

The board measures approx. 17x10 cm.

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Hama Midi Truck Pegboard 314

Watch as a magnificent truck comes to life with the Hama Midi Truck Pegboard 314. Carefully detailed in the shape of a truck, this Hama pegboard measures approx. 17x10 cm, so you can create a large truck that’s perfect for playing with and decorating your room too. It features an impressive 587 pins, so you can add finer details to the truck including patterns, text, numbers, and more to make a totally unique truck each time. It’s super easy to work with and completely mess-free too, so this Hama Pegboard will be an activity that parents approve of and children will love.


Here's how you do it:

1. Place beads on the plate.

2. Place ironing paper on the beads and melt the beads with an iron.

3. Pull the stitched beads off the reusable staple plate.


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