HobbyArts Wooden Yarn Holder

  • Perfect for any crocheter or knitter
  • Features rubber pads at the bottom for a non-slip grip
  • Ca. 20 cm
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HobbyArts Wooden Yarn Holder

Keep things stress-free and easier than ever as you knit with the HobbyArts Wooden Yarn Holder.

This handy little tool holds your yarn in place as you knit and prevents it from flopping around or getting tangled while you’re using it. Featuring a smart double-layered design with a removable top layer that rotates freely, this yarn holder allows your yarn to spin slowly and unravel easier as you keep knitting for a more effortless and clean knitting experience. The smooth, polished wood lets the yarn spin on its own without ever getting caught in any splinters, while the extra-long handle ensures the yarn doesn’t fall off.

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