HobbyArts Yarn Bowl Wood

Diameter: 15 cm, height: 10 cm

Very beautifully crafted yarn bowl from HobbyArts

The bowl is made of dark wood

Each bowl is therefore unique and may differ slightly from the picture

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£ 34.61
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Offer expires 16/06/2024
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HobbyArts Wooden Yarn Bowl

Beautifully crafted dark wood yarn bowl from HobbyArts.

When you’re knitting or crocheting, a smooth, steady flow of yarn is extremely essential. That’s why you need the HobbyArts yarn bowl. This gorgeous yarn bowl is crafted in dark teak and features slots to let the yarn flow out without any hiccups, while still keeping the yarn perfectly in place. Tangled yarn doesn’t just mess up your project, but when the yarn is too difficult to pull out of the skein, it affects your speed and the tightness of each stitch too. A handy yarn bowl like this one from HobbyArts prevents your yarn from tangling or bouncing around the floor too, so you can knit flawlessly always.

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