KnitPro J'adore Cubics Interchangeable Short Circular Needles (4.00-8.00mm)

Contents: Two interchangeable needles

Material: Laminated birch wood

Types: Interchangeable circular needles

Sizes: 4.00-8.00 mm

Wire not included.

Price from
£ 7.90

KnitPro J'adore Cubics Interchangeable Short Circular Needles (4.00-8.00mm)

Experience the ultimate knitting pleasure with KnitPro J'adore Cubics' short circular needles. These unique, ergonomically designed needles in laminated, purple birch wood invite you to many hours of comfortable knitting. With their square shape measured diagonally, they offer a comfortable grip and even stitch distribution.



Perfect for knitting projects where traditional long needles are impractical. Ideal for knitting sleeves or other small parts of your knitting projects.



  • Ergonomic Design: Square shape reduces hand fatigue and increases comfort.
  • Even Stitch Distribution: Ensures a uniform knitting texture, ideal for precise results.
  • Beautiful Craftsmanship: Made from aesthetically pleasing laminated birch wood.


Recommended Accessories:

These needles are compatible with KnitPro's cables, which ensure a flexible and customized knitting experience. Choose the wire length that best fits your project.


Care Instructions:

Maintain your needles by regularly wiping them with a soft cloth to remove lanolin and other residues from the yarn. Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures and moisture.


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