Lyra Graphite Set

  • Perfect for beginners and pros
  • The set comes in a sturdy metal case with moulded holders
  • Includes: 11-piece set: 1 Titan pencil (HB), 1 Art Design graphite pencil (F), 1 Art Design graphite pencil (B), 1 Water-soluble graphite pencil (HB), 1 Water-soluble graphite pencil (4B), 1 Water-soluble graphite pencil (8B), 1 Graphite Stick (7x7 mm - 4B), 1 Graphite stick (7x14 mm - 6B), 1 Graphite pencil (2B), 1 rubber, 1 Pencil cap.
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Lyra Graphite Set

The first step to creating mesmerizing graphite art is choosing the right tools to help you create them.

This premium 11-piece set from Lyra gives you everything you need to create stunning black and white masterpieces with realistic details, textures, and shades. Including 9 graphite pencils and 2 graphite sticks, you can explore different shades of black and discover art from a whole new perspective. The set also includes a pencil cover to prevent breaking and also a convenient eraser to gently lift away the pigment.

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