Lyra Artist Art Pens, 20 pcs

Metal box with 20 pieces

Perfect for doodling, drawing and sketching

Can be used on whiteboards

Water-based inks can be washed or wiped with fabric

£ 22.14
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Lyra Artist Art Pens

The Lyra Artist Art Pen from Conté is the perfect design and colouring tool for artists and designers. These pens are high quality and feature an extra resistant fibre tip and 0.5-2mm line for achieving precise strokes and detailed lines. The water-based, light-resistant, bright and luminous ink produces a smooth flow of colour on the paper, giving it that desired vibrance and finish that every artist strives for. 

Its vented caps with safety stoppers protect against leakage while also contributing to its aesthetically pleasing design. The pens come in a sophisticated metal tin, allowing you neatly organize and carry them anywhere you go—when ideas strike, just open the box, pick a pen, and let your creativity do all the talking.

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