Lyra Rembrandt Drawing Pencils, 12 pcs

The tip of the coloured pencil is 4 mm and the reinforced core makes them particularly resistant to break.

The colours ar light and water resistant.

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Lyra Rembrandt Polycolor Pencils

Capture the highest level of detail in all of your sketches and create impeccable 3D effects that mesmerize with the Lyra Rembrandt Drawing Pencils. These premium oil-based colour pencils give you a smoother, softer finish that’s perfect for shading, highlighting, and adding flawless textures and detail. These pencils blend like a dream and produce no waxy buildup to give each sketch a professional finish. The Lyra Rembrandt Drawing Pencils also offer exceptional lightfastness and water resistance, making your artwork last forever. Featuring 12 distinct tones of grey, this set will get the most seasoned artist excited to try it out.

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