Lyra Groove Coloured Pencils, 10 pcs

These pencils have a three-sided, ergonomic grip as well as a natural grip zone that ensures correct grip on the pencils.

Contains 12 brilliant-cut diamond colours that are exceptionally good.

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Lyra Groove Coloured Pencils

Color pencils with beautiful, deep colors and exceptional good coverage.

Introducing the Lyra Groove Colour Pencils – the perfect choice for artists and colour enthusiasts of all levels! With their three-sided, ergonomic grip and natural grip zone, these pencils are designed to ensure a comfortable grip and minimize hand fatigue during long colouring sessions. Plus, the reinforced core makes them resistant to cracking, while the PEFC-certified wood ensures that they are sustainably sourced. Best of all, the 12 brilliant-cut diamonds create vibrant colours with exceptional coverage. So choose Lyra Groove Colour Pencils for an artistically rewarding colouring experience!

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